Jib Arm – Prosup Ejib Arm

A jib arm offers professional camera support. It allows you to move your camera completely balanced horizontally and vertically in any direction, based from 100mm Tripod or any other 100mm Bowl.

  • E-jib and Camera Platform (Laptop) Dolly. For optimum use the Laptop Dolly is provided with several adaption points to adjust just every Tripod, this makes the Laptop and E-jib the ideal combination. Increase your options of Jib movements. Prosup likes creating options for its end user and its material, for this purpose, the Camera Platform Dolly has adaption points to place any type of Tripod on the platform with the supplied tripod strips it can be attached in no time. This creates a unique combination with which we try to offer a simple, stable solution for every layout or site. Camera Dolly & Camera Jib - by Prosup Professional Camera Support  
  • The E-jib is an ergonomic jib, adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point to make the unit easy to operate. It folds ergonomically for easy transport in a minimal size. Fits on every 100mm tripod. Camera Jib arm - E-JIB by Prosup Professional Camera Support  
  • E-Jib Handle Bar by Prosup Professional Camera Support The handle bar for extra support behind the Camera Jib. The Handle Bar allows easy tilts for multi- dimensional shots.


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