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Prosup Camera Support – since 2000

Prosup was founded in 2000 by Eric Steenvoorden and he has been the inventor and manufacturer of i.e. the E-Jib, Laptop Dolly and Tango Roller. Since its foundation Prosup has become a well known high quality specialist in the design and manufacture of lightweight constructions for professional camera support.

Watching TV and seeing a ball bouncing in the corner in a slow motion shot from behind the target, chances are the mechanical camera support control was invented and manufactured by Eric Steenvoorden.

“Virtually everything is mechanically and manufactured from super light aluminium. Our quality is of the highest industry standards as we constantly adjust our camera support systems based on feedback of the world’s greatest cameraman.  With our support systems cameraman are able to make shots from up to 300 different camera positions”

Worldwide Player

Although Prosup is a global player in the camera support system market it’s still a family run business with the development and production centre in Nederhorst Den Berg in the Netherlands and a preference for local suppliers: “I work well with local companies . “With our combined expertise the sky is the limit in design and development” Prosup camera equipment  is hired around the world – even for the largest sports events in ie Rio and Football Championships esteemed cameraman made use of Prosup’s camera equipment.

Unique Solutions

Eric ideas often arise from practical situations: “For example, I see that a Q-Ball (round-rotating camera) could also make a full 360 ° vertical movement at a certain recording. Then I start to think and usually a solution arises in my mind. We carefully thinks in detail about every hole and screw to make our products robuust and stable”

Gyro Gearloose in the camera support industry

Entrepeneur Eric Steenvoorden designed products like the Tango track slider, Laptop Dolly, E-Jib camera jib arm and the Q Ball Remote Head. With his latest invention, the TED, Eric has proven once again to be a pioneer in product development.

Camera Track Tango Roller by - Prosup Professional Camera Support

About the cooperation between Casu Granderath and Prosup

The cooperation between Casu Granderath and Prosup started in 2012. Although both Eric Steenvoorden as well as Florian Granderath had a long history of more than 20 years in the camera support industry they had never met in person. It was Mr. Peter Koning (CEO for Eurogrip) that introduced Florian (at that time working at Panther) to Eric (ex employee of Egripment).

A match made in heaven

This combination has proven to be very successful. Florian with its great product knowledge and customer focus has since given valuable input to Eric who has translated wishes and customer feedback into actual products. It was Florian who suggested to start making a camera slider – which ended up in the production of the successful Tango slider.

Florian granderath casu

Experts about Prosup

Lee Hodge Freelance Cameraman & Producer about - Prosup Professional Camera Support

Totally impressed with #prosup Tango roller from GenesisHire love the magnet stops, ultra stable, smooth & quick to set-up.

Andrea Bartosova Online Film Maker about - Prosup Professional Camera Support

First shooting day done! #ProSup #slider.  What a smooth movement! Still 2 days to go…

Andrea Bartosova

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