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Lightweight, compact and high quality. Adjusted and developed with and for the end user.

Prosup Camera Support Equipment

Prosup is a Dutch based manufacturer of high quality camera support equipment such as a camera leveller, jib arm, camera slider, camera track, laptop dolly, jib arm dolly, mounts, dolly track, gimble, 3 way leveller, U bangi slider, tripod, video crane and more. Prosup – for the professional cameraman!

Need a sturdy, yet flexible support for your camera? At Prosup we specialise in designing and delivering lightweight constructions for use with professional film cameras.

Our varied and flexible package-deals include the designing, prototyping, producing, updating and maintaining our products. Wonder what we have to offer? We produce jib arms, tracks, mounting systems, dollies and much more.

All suitable for a range of cameras and applications. We are constantly improving and updating our designs so we can continue to offer you the best products in the business.

Camera Man Konrad Waldmann in action with Prosup Camera Jib Arm

Prosup designs and manufactures camera support / grip equipment. Manufactured in the Netherlands products like the LapTop Dolly, the EJIb or the Tango Roller are successfully sold worlwide to professional cameraman.

  • Tango Roller with magnetic end stops can be extended to whatever length. Its lightweight design makes this slider an easy portable location companion.
  • LapTop – a foldaway dolly for track and ground inside a Peli case, comes with rubber spanners to lock tripods directly to the dolly surface, optional swivel support with riser and seat for cameraman.
  • EJib – utmost compact, foldaway travel Jib, less than 1 minute set-up, lift range of over 1,60m, maximum height of about 3m – depending on tripod. Undersling – upside down for Tango and EJib.
  • Further ProSup equipment: car mounts, gimbals, mounts, q-ball etc. Prosup made the Q-ball, his toys contribute to all mayor sports events.

Prosup – specialist in camera dollies, camera robotics,  jib arms, portable camera supports, remote camera units, Q-balls

Camera Man Konrad Waldmann in action with Prosup Camera track Tango Roller

Tango Roller

The Tango Roller is an easy to use light weight and silent roller and slider to create beautifully crafted shots for any video production.  The Tango roller performs with purpose made high quality wheels for optimum shock free smooth movement. Buy your Ejib from one of our selected dealers.

Ejib from Prosup

The EJib is the perfect travel companion for your 100mm camera tripod. Just remove the fluid head from your tripod, put the EJib in between and mount the fluid head again – either straight or upside down (undersling) onto the EJib’s 100mm bowl. Buy your Ejib from one of our selected dealers.

Laptop Dolly

This collapsible dolly is designed for realising tracking shots and is versatilely applicable. All parts are delivered in a robust Pelicase equipped with wheels and a handgrip. It can be assembled to meet the individual needs. Buy your laptopdolly from one of our selected dealers.

Advantages of our camera systems

Production & assembly

We produce and assemble your rigs for you, and provide you with a clear delivery schedule so you can use your new support the moment it arrives. Dutch quality manufacturer.

Prosup Professional Camera Support Equipment: Sliders - Tracks - Dollies - Jibs

Prototypes & development

We make our prototypes using components manufactured by expert companies to ensure quality. Our in-house is constantly developing and improving our products.

Prosup Professional Camera Support Equipment: Sliders - Tracks - Dollies - Jibs

Production drawings, component lists and updates

At Prosup we like to keep you involved. As such we will supply you with the production drawings, component lists and updates regarding your support rigs.

Prosup Professional Camera Support Equipment: Sliders - Tracks - Dollies - Jibs

Special projects & events

Need a custom rig for a big event? We will design, produce and install the necessary constructions to make your production the best it can be!

Prosup Professional Camera Support Equipment: Sliders - Tracks - Dollies - Jibs

A diverse range of products

Prosup doesn’t just produce one type of rig. We specialise in all manner of constructions for the film industry!
Whether you’re looking for a simple jib arm or a complete dollie-track: our in-house experts are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. This way you can be sure that everything from our dollie wheels to remote is up-to-date and the absolute best quality it can be!

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2411, 2018

Prosup’s TED prominent Photo & Adventure Vienna

November 24th, 2018|

Prosup's TED prominent at Photo & Adventure Vienna Casu/Prosup present at Photo & Adventure in Vienna on the 24th and 25th of November 2018. Visit us at booth 506 - on display: TED (Tango Electronic Drive), underslung, Laptop Dolly, Camera Slider Tango Rollera and much more professional camera equipment. [...]

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