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IBC Amsterdam 12-16 september 2019

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NATEXPO Moscow 31 October – 2 November 2018

NATEXPO is an annual, international exhibition and conference held in Moscow and focused on technologies, professional camera equipment and services for the Television, Radio and New Media Broadcasting and cinema production.

This unique and largest event of its kind in Russia, is produced by the National Association of TV and Radio Broadcasters of Russia (NAT), the Eduard Sagalaev Fond of TV Broadcasting, Mass Media and Internet Technology Expansion and «ExpoNAT» Ltd. NATEXPO is providing an ideal platform for international business development and technology exchange as well as serving as the perfect gateway to the Russian market, both on a national and regional level, for equipment manufacturers, technology providers, content producers, channel suppliers and service operators.

With its mission to facilitating exclusive displays of traditional and new multimedia technologies alongside live service and program demonstrations, NATEXPO maintains a distinctively prominent position on the agenda of key industry players.

Some key facts about NATEXPO:

  • Close to 12,000 unique attendees with 250 international companies participating
  • Advertising and editorial coverage in 12 professional magazines and 6 web portals, covering Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan
  • Direct event and participant company promotion with C-level and technical executives from over 5,000 companies throughout the year
  • Individually customisable exhibition packages available

Product categories presented include: broadcasting equipment; studio equipment; audio and video recording equipment; camera support systems; audio, video editing; OB Trucks and Trailers; cable and connectors; storage systems, archiving; software; systems integration; level meters; digital radio broadcast; lighting; satellite modems, receivers; satellite service providers; IPTV; Mobile TV; Internet TV.

Product categories presented:

– Studio equipment;
– Audio and video recording equipment;
– Audio, video editing;
– OB Trucks and Trailers;
– Cable and satellite equipment and technologies;
– Equipment and technologies to make video of sport events;
– Broadcasting equipment;
– Systems integration;
– Level meters;
– Lighting;
– Mobile TV and etc.
– Satellite modems, receivers;
– Satellite service providers;
– Cable and connectors;
– Cinema technologies and equipment
– Special effects and 3D technologies;
– Storage systems, archiving;
– Software;
– Equipment for DSLR filmmakers


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