Camera Underslung Bracket

Camera Undersling Bracket by Prosup. To be used in combination with a fluid head in an under slung position to be mounted on a Camera plate. The Under sling Bracket allows using the Tango track inverted. Hung from a 100mm Fluid Head the bracket allows control of the suspended camera.

Camera Undersling Bracket | by Prosup Professional Camera Support

Camera Underslung Bracket - Underslung Bracket

At the premie of the Tango Rollers by Prosup it was pointed out that you can also use it hanging overhead. Properly Prosup offers now the Underslung, which can be used very well in every inverted configuration (also on the ProSup EJib).

Constructed the Tango Roller like a "Roller Coaster", the slider is always secured on the rail. By mounting the undersling on the camera plate of the fluid head, it allows the lowest camera viewing angles. It is adjustable in every axis