Camera Riser – Lowpod

Camera Riser – Lowpod | by Prosup Professional Camera Support

A lightweight and compact solution for supporting tango camera tracks. The Lowpod has a 28mm lightpin fitting.

The Lowpod weigh less than 2 kg and open up the construction area between 30 and 60 cm, ie below the lowest position of a double extendable 100-mm-Statives – a request of many users.

Buy various video camera risers products like Euro Pipe (20cm), Extendable Riser (100mm),  Mitchell Riser, Elemack Riser or lowpod at Prosup Professional Camera Support

Lowpod - Adapted within seconds via spigot or angle ball joint...

The Lowpod can take the Tango camera slider to lowest camera angles. It can also serve as a support at the end of the 1m Tango track extension. Working with lockable positions the Lowpod does not require a mid level spreader nor rubber feet - saving you weight and money!