Camera support equipment to make your life easier!

PROSUP’s philosophy ‘Make life Easy’

ProSup’s philosophy is to make your camera life easier. We are professionals with long experience in the engineering and manufacture of camera supports with over 10 years experience in leading companies in the industry such as Sachtler, Panther or Egripment.

Under a philosophy that could be called ‘Make life Easy’ ProSup-CaSu TV propose innovative solutions that arise from listening to our customers and the complexities they face on a day-to-day basis. Manufacturing is done in the Netherlands and and short delivery times are offered by our sales department in Germany (

Camera slider: Tango Roller

The flagship of our Prosup product line is the Tango Roller slider with a whole range of accessories that provide unique functionalities.

For starters, ProSup is proposing a slider that can be transported comfortably by any cameraman in a Pelicase with wheels including the tracks and all the necessary accessories. The total weight of the set, including the suitcase, is 22kg. The Tango Pelicase Kit includes a 1M and 1.2M track length, which is provided with a central tripod adapter, 1 Dolly, 2 Magnetic end stops, 3 Tango Floor Spreaders with leveling feet, 1 Universal Tiedown for any fluid head and 2 adjustable Monopods.

The ‘heart’ of this slider is the Tango Dolly;

The Tango Dolly performs with purpose made, high quality wheels and roller bearings combined for optimum shock-free, smooth movement. The Tango Roller is maintenance friendly and can be operated in any environment. The lightweight roller system is ideal for camera packages up to 15 kg and can be used in both over- and undersling configurations.

Another detail of the Tango Roller is that it incorporates magenetic stops – giving a smooth stop when shooting. And in addition, this can turn into a ‘mini dolly’, with the possibility of operating the camera on a smooth surface. For example, a table.

The tango slider is flexible and very versatile

Camera Track - Camera Slider Prosup Tango Roller Head