Prosup innovative solution for Carbon Fibre Wheels

Innovative wheel centring rings in aluminium

Prosup has been asked by Geric – producer or high performance carbon fiber wheels –  for the development of innovative wheel’s hub centring rings out of aluminium. The carbon fibre wheels are made specifically for the automotive top brands enhancing the quality and lowering the weight of the car.

Carbon is strong as steel, yet a thirteenth of the weight. Carbon fibre today is rapidly replacing steel and other metals where a combination of high strength and low weight is required. This has, for example, greatly enhanced the safety in Formula One and other racing categories. Equally, it made its entrance into passenger aircraft.

Because of the emphasis on weight the Geric, the carbon fibre wheels manufacturer has asked Prosup to come up with a light weight aluminium solution for the centring rings to further enhance their product.

Advantages of carbon fibre wheels:

  • Low weight combined with great strength and durability
  • Energy savings of up to 8% on the ECE consumption norm cycle
  • Measurably improved acceleration and braking
  • Vastly enhanced driving comfort and handling
  • Engineered and aesthetically pleasing design

The first samples have been made for further production.

For more information on Geric please visit the Geric website

Carbon Fibre Wheels by Geric

Over the past 35 years, car design have increasingly included carbon fibre structures, designed by Wiet Huidekoper, Geric’s CTO. Wiet’s work included designs for car brands such as Porsche, Lola, Dallara, Opel DTM and many more. This in depth knowledge of car design in all its aspects and the dynamic interaction of all and every car component during these top performance challenges have been fed into the design and engineering of the Geric high performance carbon fibre wheels.

Please visit Geric’s Website for more information about their innovative products

Geric carbon fibre wheels