• The Car grip can be used on the hood as well as side mount and has several possibilities to adjust Prosup equipment as the Gimble, Offset Arms and Powergrip (with the suction cup removed) it can be directly rigged on the car grip and together with the offset arm shapes into the side mount configuration which also fits the Vinten head adapter and Gimble. Camera mount Car Grip| by Prosup Professional Camera Support
  • A strong and simple solution for mounting film or video camera onto a car. The mount is at home either on the hood or the side door. The Power Grip is ideal for any car rigging. The Power Grip platform can be tilted over a path of 180 °. Camera Power Grip mount | by Prosup Professional Camera Support
  • The Prosup Gimble is the perfect partner to allow you to level your camera on car rigs, risers, Ladder pods, wooden platform and other platforms to get that perfect shot. The Gimble can be mounted on a Power Grip Suction Cup available as an optional extra. Prosup's modular systems allows their products together with other products in the range or with product from other grip manufactures ranges. The great advantage of the Gimble is that your camera will level with the subject you wish to shoot as well as the desired angle, an easy way to rig your camera on any type of car. Camera car grip mount | by Prosup Professional Camera Support
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