Article in Broadcast Film & Video – 2017-09 about Prosup’s solutions for camera grip such as the gimble levelling head, power grip, 100 to 150mm adapter, Michell/150mm adapter and Angle Ball Joints. Prosup – always tackling grip solutions

Bits and pieces the Prosup way – making life easier for Grips

  • The  Prosup Gimble leveling head is the perfect tool when it comes to car rigging or rigging in general. It levels the camera with a tilt angle of +/-15° and can be provided with a suction cup.
  • The Prosup Power Grip  wedge is ideal to angle cameras with a tilt of 180°.  It can hold up to 50kg camera load and can also be connected to a suction cup.
  • The Prosup 100 to 150mm adapter Many equipment manufacturers can reduce but going up with the fluid head cup is unique.  With this adapter you can indeed mount a 150mm fluid head on top of a 100mm bowl base, whether on a dolly or a tripod.
  • The Prosup Mitchell/150mm adapter combines both of these options. Onto a Mitchell or 150mm tripod you can mount Prosup’s Tango Roller or EJib – though their bottom mount is made for 100mm tripods.
  • The Prosup Angle Ball Joints are not only 28mm (1 1/8”Junior studs) spigots for light stands. Their top 3/8” thread is conjoined with a ball so it
    can be tilted in any direction, thus enabling whatever is mounted (sliders, lights, etc.) to be in an angled position.

Prosup… always tackling grip solutions.

Camera grips getting to grips with prosup
Camera grips getting to grips with prosup