CaSu Prosup’s EJib – the perfect tripod jib

At our company we still remember those days when jibarms were always linked to dollys.

Prosup’s Eric Steenvoorden was still designing for Egripment and CaSu’s Florian Granderath still selling Panther dollys. Mind you that those two companies were leading in dolly jib design. When Eric and Florian joined forces all known grip and camera support equipment had to become lighter, smaller, packed in cases and speedy to set-up. All was designed to work with tripods rather than dollys.

Thus, the biggest assets of their EJib are the compact packing size inside the Peli gun case and its set-up in less than a minute due to as little as 3 components – EJib, tripod locking screw and 100mm bowl.

The EJib weighs less than 24lbs (11kg) by having a carrying capacity of 33lbs (15kg).

Its lift range is 24.4”(162cm); the more you extend your tripod, the higher the EJib’s top position. Camera lens heights of around 9ft (3m) can be achieved.
If you go upside down just turn the 100mm bowl. Now, the “Undersling” bracket is the ideal accessory for your EJib.
Rubber coated weights of 2x22lbs (10kg), 1x11lbs (5kg) and 1×4.5lbs (2kg) for the maximum payload of 33lbs (15kg) are recommended. The adjustment weights of 11 and 4.5lbs (5 and 2 kg) will fit in special cut-outs in the bottom of the case’s special laser cut hard foam.

Through fine tuning the EJib will stay in any position – at the very top or bottom!

Camera Jib - Camera Crane E-Jib by Prosup Camera Support

Camera Jib – Camera Crane E-Jib by Prosup Camera Support

Camera Ejib And Laptop Dolly Art 830

Camera Ejib And Laptop Dolly

Camera Jib - Camera Crane E-Jib by Prosup Camera Support

Light weighted ejib case for easy travelling