Best camera slider I ever worked with! Tom Cas about the Tango Roller

The Prosup tango slider is possibly the best slider I ever worked with. The slider comes as a fully equipped kit fits very nicely and compact in a beautiful pelicase (with wheels!).

Building up the slider is easy and once it stands, you can quickly move it from one place to another. I sometimes even attach tripod wheels to it – so you can just roll it from one angle to another, apply the brakes and start shooting with a happy and healthy back.

With the included floor spreaders i often put it straight on the ground or on some apple boxes, it’s quick and easy to level out when required.

When mounted on a tripod, there are 2 monopods included that make sure the sides don’t tip over. Working with these monopods is so much easier than with bigger tripods – For example; Recently I was filming a short documentary for Dremel. When we we’re filming in a narrow hallway, i could easily extend the slider onto the stairs and just have the monopod support it there, allowing for an awesome transition shot from behind a door.
After shooting, the monopods and tripod are easily removed allowing it to be transported through narrow hallways.

I love sliders – they allow for beautiful movements and perspectives you can’t easily achieve with other tools. And the Prosup Tango is one of the smoothest sliders i’ve ever worked with.

Thanks guys!

About Tom Cas

Tom Cas is filmmaker / cameraman / director and entrepeneur at Vancas. He has a passion for film making an d making cool shots with innovative film solutions.

Tom Cas can be contacted at:

Nieuwpoortkade 2a
1055RX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)6 28 09 99 54

Cameraman tom cas about tango roller
Camera slider used by cameraman tom cas
Tango camera slider used by cameraman tom cas
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