Best camera slider for professional cameramen

Why choose the Tango slider of Prosup?

Your work as a professional cameraman often depends as much on your professional camera equipment as it does on your camera skills. Camera sliders can be bought in any price range possible but for professionals who demand perfection you’ll want the best camera slider possible.

For any cameraman sliders are indispensable to get the right, smooth and crisp shots. A camera slider stabilizes and avoids vibrations during your shot.

Camera Slider - Camera Track by - Prosup Professional Camera Support

The best camera slider available!

  • The Tango slider comes with a carrying case for convenient travel.
  • The adjustable legs work well on any surface and don’t need a smooth surface to hold their place. The feet are adjustable for the best shots
  • Double interior study rail system provides smooth sliding and extra control in the glide speed of the camera
  • The sliding system is smooth which allow for perfect actions shots or slow motion shots
  • It is easy to attach it to a tripod for secure and hands-free shooting
  • Solid system – made of quality materials in the Dutch Development Center with craftmanship by Eric Steenvoorden
  • Adapters for tripods available and made to support Prosup’s LapTop Dolly
  • Seamless joints are the essentials for jerkfree dolly travelling
  • Weighing only 6kb/13lbs
  • Can be used in both over- and under-sliding configurations

For all product information about the Tango please visit the Tango Roller page.

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